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What is Stress Quotient?    
Known as a silent killer, Stress is a worrisome condition that leaves us paralysed in our own body. However, most of us are not even aware that we are stressed till the symptoms begin to physically show on our body. Before it is too late to turn back in time, find a minute for yourself and answer these questions to know what your stress level is.

(And don’t panic if you are, help is always at hand!)
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You are Not stressed  
Rejoice! You are one happy ‘human’! There is obviously something that you are doing right in your life. Make sure that you maintain your lifestyle and stay away from stress-related triggers – also encourage people around you to do the same.
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Your are Moderately stressed  
You suffer from what can be described as situational stress. You get worked up when there is too much on your plate and even though this is not a huge cause of worry, you begin to panic. You must learn to relax and breathe. Also, you need to start taking care of your health, before it gets too late.
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You are Highly stressed  
We recommend, you look within and seek help! Not only are you stressed, you are on the verge of experiencing a break down any moment. You need to change your lifestyle pattern and belief system. Become consciously aware of what is wrong in your situation and make it right before it is too late. Get help now!
_This is an indicative quiz on stress and analyses your condition based on your answers.
If you experience chronic stress, please consult an expert_

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